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Finally Belleza has released their new women’s skin Lily. What a wait it was. She was about ready at Christmas, but then Tricky decided that the body needed to be redone. More about that in a bit. I probably don’t need to say that I like this skin very much on me. But still, this skin fits me even better than Chloe, the previous Belleza which I have worn for weeks in a row, and which is VERY special for a skin whore like me, who is likely to change skin (and I don’t mean just make up) with every outfit.
Lily is available in 6 skin tones (also slightly different than before) and 20 make ups! Lily is by default a blonde, but for the brunettes and red heads, tatoo layers for brows and hair bases are included this time. This is a difference from previous packaging for Belleza.

Boobies after the cut.

Here below you see a side by side between Chloe, the previous skin from Belleza (L) and Lily (R). As you can see, the skin tone is slightly darker, or maybe it is just a matter of more contrast. Also there are new nipples for Lily and a new belly button, less pronounced clavicles (personally I liked them on Chloe better, I love pronounced collar bones) and, not visible on these pics, Lily also has new (better)  elbows.

Other need to knows: Hair Kirby by Truth, lingerie Mary by Insolence and eyes Horizon by Ikon.


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