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I had the pleasure of reviewing Belleza’s new Belle skin. I didn’t really know the skins before, other than having seen some sweet faces on other avatars and I think I have one or two from the older skins, so to really, really check them and examine all skintones was a pretty cool way of spending some of my Saturday.

The faces are gorgeous, I especially like the glossy lips and the eyebrows. There are quite a few make ups that are not my cup of tea though, I’m just not a major fan of funky kohl drawings in all kinds of colours, but I admit, what I’ve seen, is done well. The 4 skintones I’ve been looking at are a bit saturated for my personal taste, and I’d love to see a bigger variety in the skintones. A real pale and a darker tan would be an asset as far as I’m concerned. Also, I didn’t see any skins with freckles, which I’m sure would please a lot of you.

The body is pleasantly shaded and has subtle highlights. Some currently popular brands tend to make their skins very glossy these days and that makes highlights look kinda “fat” but not in this case. Seams and textures have been taken pretty well care of, although the hands could have used a bit more TLC as far as seams are concerned. I’m totally digging the birth marks on the back, and I think Bella has a cute bum too. I’m not too fond of the dark line in the loins. And a shaved version would be wonderful, but are these points dealbreakers? Nope.

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  1. Hey Grazia, just FYI, he will be adding a shaved version (and possible a freckle version) before he releases them this week. 🙂 He still has a few tweaks left to make.

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