BareRose Nocturne


BareRose Nocturne, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

The fabulous Winter Jefferson has issued a blog challenge that I can’t stay away from, because Bare Rose is my crack dealer for costumes, and meanwhile also for the more day to day wear. But really, what June Dion stands out with, are her amazing (fantasy) costumes.

I think my favourite are the Nocturnes. There are 3 of them, this being the most colourful. What’s not to love, the rich textures, the primwork, the plethora of accesories to make the picture complete, it’s all of outstanding quality, excellent value for money … I opted for hair from Orchid Dreams, but I might as well have used the hair that comes with the costume, since it’s just plain good and the skin is Chai (Buki).

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  1. lovely Grazia & yay you!! I'm still working on my outfits :/ but sooon, promise sooon

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