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Not even when I was young and beautiful with a flawless skin and glowing complexion (so a long, LONG time ago) I liked looking in the mirror in the morning before splashing my face with cold water add a generous amount of moisturizer and at least a layer of mascara and a but of lip gloss. Nowadays I don’t even bother. Every day there seem to be more wrinkles and gravity is definitely winning

However… pixel me is always pretty, make up or not, so when I saw Genkai Tesla‘s Bare challenge on Mokatana’s flickr last night, I had to give in and took the above pic. Yes, I know I have been experimenting with different hair colors lately, but silver is still pretty much my shade and Glam Affair’s Lauren skin is currently available at Collabor88 with a tintable eyebrow tattoo!

So yeah, the rules are simple for this challenge… No make up, no layers, no lashed and/or enhancements and no photoshop. Share your “naked” faces with me!!

Another  thing worth mentioning from yesterday is ColdLogic releasing a series of combi sweaters and scarves

I forgot of course to jot down the names and such, so I will do this later when I have actually had some time to sit down and log on, but anyway, I am wearing one of the combi’s with Coco designs pencil skirt and Fri.Day’s new Maggie boots, out at Collabor88.

That clutch I am wearing, it’s my got to bag whenever I feel I need one and it’s by Ison. I fattpacked it, not only because i just “needed”every single color, but also because Harry Hyx makes the fatpack deal totally worth it.
Skinwise I already mentioned it’s Lauren from Glam Affair, currently out at Collabor88 in the tones America and Europe and my hair is Vixen from Truth.


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