Back to School


Back to School
I often miss the days when I used to be in college/University, amongst other things, I miss the casualness, the clothing, the look, the preppy, cool and fresh. The being able to change facial hair style every other day and not be considered..inappropriate 😛 or to gel-up your hair and make them all spiky? Well..everyone did that? or was it just me? Meh..nevertheless, I miss those days and hence I took this picture with some fond memories in my mind..and some more I deem inappropriate to share on the blog 😛
On Me:
Sweater – Evoke – Preppy Sweater
Pants – SwanSong – Bina Jeans
Hair – MADesigns – Bryn – Black
Bag – Aitui – Night Messenger
Glasses – HOC – Rectangle Framed Glasses
Skin – Redgrave – Emil

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