Back to School

fashion LOTD

 Back to school… well.. more back to work for me. But the pleated skirt and the pretty decent looking blouse give a somewhat school uniformish look. Both are mesh items from Leverocci, and while the skirt sometimes bleeds into my avie with more extreme poses, I really like it in my mesh wardrobe. Also, my tatas look kinda generous in this blouse, way more than what they actually are, but as someone mentioned on my flickr…. that’s where the apples for teacher are hidden.  On another note, Leverocci includes “shadow” layers for their mesh items, which actually can work nice when you don’t use in world shadows. The boots are Nina from Insolence and are mesh as well and I am wearing Maitreya‘s Lotte hair with Laqroki‘s Jennie skin. The bag is from Très Blah.

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