Autumn Leaves

Dressy fashion LOTD

I am wearing the new Peacemaker duster from Deco which is looking fabulous, especially with Celoe’s Gea top because the mesh of the coat and vest is not the best fitting one around the chest (no matter how I tried to tweak my shape, didn’t get to solve that issue. Could be because there are just 2 sizes available, S and L and not in standard sizing, but still, making my shape thicker didn’t help either).
I’m wearing it with Mon Tissu’s Oxford skirt and  Provence boots. Also, I love Truth’s new Sam hair. I need more sassy short hairs, please! Today’s skin is Shyla, by Belleza.

I shot this pic with the new Kirsten  viewer, and guess what, it’s amazing for me! No gridlines! This image is unedited, I just cropped and resized it.

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