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About a month ago, a couple of fashion-forward friends decided to launch a new initiative to the grid named AUDAZ. They all come from a legacy of SL’s most known agencies and they decided that they wanted bring their experience and art together to bring something new and refreshing to the Second Life® platform. AUDAZ embraces diversity and global representation, social change, and inclusiveness. They believe in the importance of empowering their talents and promoting diversity as driving the fashion industry towards true inclusion is paramount. AUDAZ moves forward into a new chapter in the SL® fashion industry, showcasing wide-ranging talents within the areas of creative fashion styling, photography, models, bloggers, and artists across the grid. AUDAZ is bold and limitless. They respect and celebrate the broad spectrum of perspective on what makes fashion and art impactful and meaningful in our second lives.

Sounds promising, right?

They have launched with a webzine, which offers new content on a regular base, inviting the audience to check back frequently, because chances are there is something new and interesting for you to read and look at, but they will also start doing in world fashion productions, and knowing a couple of people in the core group of fashionistas, I am convinced these productions will NOT be your average overly pretentious lag fest that fashion shows in SL usually are.

I am beyond proud that I have been asked to join this collective as a contributor, sharing my view on fashion and art with an audience that I may not have had the chance to reach before and working on spreads/themes that challenge me to get out of my comfort zone and help me grow as an SL photographer.
Today the first publication that I have worked on has premiered. It’s a MUA (Make Up Artist) spread and it showcases a selection of awesome haunting and macabre portraits.

Haunted Faces

Also, allow me a moment of bragging but, Oh My God.. one of the items I have submitted for this spread has been picked to be the article’s cover image!!!

I hope you will have as much fun following AUDAZ as I have participating.

Stay safe and be kind to each other! <3

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