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Zaara has released an incredible collection of mesh jewelry, Atiriya, and I picked the carnelian stones to wear in this pic. They are so lifelike and pretty that I am seriously jealous of Grazia right now that she has these, and I don’t have them in RL!

Other than Zaara‘s jewelry, I’m not wearing much, but I love this Avril bodice from Angel Dessous, and of course, my Ikon eyes, Belleza‘s new Ava skin and SLink‘s mesh hands as well as Truth‘s Devina hair. For decoration, I have used a couple of Dutchie‘s library parts and LAQ Decor’s pretty pretty mesh bed.


1 thought on “Atiriya”

  1. I’m so glad I happened to run across your blog! I’m getting more into fashion the longer time I spend in Second Life, and this entry features Zaara, a store/designer that has been recommended to me by friends before. Now that you’ve endorsed it, I’ll be sure to check it out.

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