Art on Avatar: Nicky Ree


A couple of weeks ago Anita Cassini from IBM contacted me and asked me if she could use an old photo that I published more than a year ago on Second Style blog wearing Nicky Ree´s Snow Princess gown. And I was like, omg.. it´s old… I didn´t know a single thing about SL photography…. what do you want with it?? So she TP’d me over to this big hall, full of amazing photos of gorgeous avatars showing off Nicky Ree creations. It is an initiative called Art on Avatar and guess what… the exhibition is opening later today. Read Anita’s press release for info and SLurl.

The Crescent Moon Museum branch at IBM SOA Adventure presents:

Art on Avatar

Art on Avatar celebrates the work of many people creating Art to express their personality through their avatars. 50 beautiful people have loaned their personal pictures of their avatars wearing Nicky Ree’s art for this exhibit.
Opening Day: Feb 16 2PM SLT Tayzia Abattoir will cut opening ribbon. Musical perfomance by Guy Goodman . At 4PM there will be a treasure hunt where the IBM dress (woman) and IBM attire (men) and will be revealed. Exibit will run until March 15, 2008

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