apocalyptic drow buccaneer… or something like that

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I’m so so bad with titles. Sometimes I think I should just number my posts. I’d be close to no. 2000 on this blog.

Anyway,  I’m wearing Boon‘s AAN330 hair (speaking of names… )  with Glam Affair‘s Skye II skin (Silver 01) which is currently available through the biggest gambling event of SL, The Arcade.

My and belt are from the Apocalypse series by Drift, out at We <3 RP and the Yama leggings by Emery  are from the Apocalypse themed edition of Uber which is currently going on (don’t get mixed up, Drift Apocalypse at We <3 RP, Emery at Apocalypse themed Uber)

I decided to wear the Emery leggings and not Drift‘s Apocalypse leggings because they don’t fit with Lassitude & Ennui‘s Buccaneer boots (out at We <3 RP in some serious kick ass colors)

I have accessorised with Bliensen + MaiTai‘s Troll Cross Fennr necklace and Empyrean Forge‘s Render Sword, both, you guessed right, out at We <3 RP!

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