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“Thanks for the hospitality” she said to the lifeless body of the man called Jack on the small bed in the corner of the bunker, before putting on the mask that once belonged to him and making her way to the ladder to go out in the new hostile reality after the eruption of  the monster vulcano.

The sick bastard was willing to share some food, but only in exhange for “favors”. He simply wanted too much.  She strangled him. Made her break a nail, too. Asshole.
On her way out she grabbed a knife that was on one of the improvised shelves of the one room bugout shelter and went outside into the gloomy blue light that meant it was day time. 

I have picked up these goodies at Uber which opened at 12 o’ clock SLT and my favourite is Jack’s Bugout Shelter by Consignment which, fully “furnished” retails at just 850. Not a bad deal huh? There is an unfurnished version available as well.

The long manes are by Truth, adequately called Rogue and they come with a gas mask as well, but since I am wearing my Soy (sorry, Jack’s Soy) Lung which comes with a mask as well, it would have been a bit overkill to wear Truth‘s mask as well.

My jumpsuit is made by Monso and my boots by COCO Designs.  Both available at Uber.

Other than that I am wearing League‘s Erin skin and Bolson‘s Llanowar tattoo.

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