Alyson, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

I hope your week started as good as mine… No computer system at work, phone overload, and on top of it all, my car got stuck in a pile of snow when I had to run an errand. Consequently, I pulled a muscle when I tried pushing it out, which eventually I succeeded in doing, but oh my… am I happy that for once I didn’t give in to my vanity, and decided to wear my hiking shoes to work today…

Oh well… another skin portrait for today. It’s Belleza’s Alyson. It was a Christmas Group Gift from Tricky. I briefly talked to him yesterday, he’s currently working steadily on the make ups and the hair bases and expects a release of this beauty by next weekend… How’s that to look forward to?

Other need to knows: I’m wearing Truth’s Lara in Walnut, and the top is an upcoming release from Michami… yes… newness is on its way!!! The necklace was a limited edition from MIriel, and is no longer available. I know… I’m mean. I miss Miriel!

SLurls, as far as the shops still exists, can be found here

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