All That Glitter!!!

fashion Shoes

The new Glitter Peeptoes from SLink… GO GET THEM! Get over your mesh phobia and download one of the viewer that is mesh compatible and go! They are  stylish, sexy, super easy to match to your skin with Siddean’s gradient ankle and feet tattoo layers (awesome video tutorial here) and did I mention festive? With the glittery textures, they are awesome to dress up your holiday outfits!

Ok… enough fan gurling. Seriously, Ms Munro still rocks the shoe and feet department. The only criticism, if you absolutely need any, is that with all the options these shoes come with, you have not 1 but (depending whether you buy a single pair of shoes or the fatpack) 3 or 4 HUDs. 1 for tinting your feet and basic nailpolishes, another one to fine tune the fit (length AND width of the feet) yet another one to play endlessly with nailpolishes and if you bought the fatpack, another HUD to pick all the texture combos. If you want to attach them all at once -which you don’t-  your screen could get a bit crowded.  But oh well… the things we do for vanity, no??

Other need to knows: Chair by Diesel Works, clothing by Leezu

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