Alchemy Immortalis


Alchemy Immortalis is the brainchild of Alchemy and Immortalis Cyannis. Although apparently new to SL, their style and products are undeniably reminiscent of a great couple of content creators which recently decided to leave SL. And yet, It has a fresh touch, like starting over with a blank canvas.  Aside from my recommendation to visit their, not yet finished, bed and breakfast sim Empress & Hierophant, I wanted to share the latest addition to their expanding medieval/renascimental jewelry line.  The Ami amet deli pencet necklace is inspired by a 13th century French brooch, and is fully scripted. You can choose from a number of metals (Alchemy), and also customise the gems (Gemology). Also the script will let you resize the necklace, if required. What struck me in this piece is the intricate execution, the amazing textures of the cabochon gems and the baked shadow that is amazingly accurate.

Other need to knows: I’m wearing Truth’s Luna hair in Night, PXL Creations’ soon to be released Kim and Rebel Hope’s Handfasting gown

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  1. It’s them. Don’t fool yourself, and don’t let them lie to you. Two people who can build like that after a few weeks in SL? Not likely. I hope anyone who sees this takes a moment to wonder why they’d lie about leaving and then lie when asked to tell the truth. Makes you think, doesn’t it? What else are they hiding? Why do they think people are so stupid and why do they treat people like idiots?

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