alaMood: d'Jango


alaMood: D’jango, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Jori Watler of alaMood is currently my fave SL jeweler around. I really like her designs and execution, and besides, she’s just a really sweet lady too. d’Jango is her latest set, released earlier today and comes in silver and gold. Shown is just the pendant necklace and the earrings, but this set, or collection rather, also offers some gorgeous stacked bracelets, a multiple strand necklace (without pendant) and a double chain necklace. alaMood is stylish, yet affordable. Prices vary from L$ 100 for a pair of earrings to 450L$ for the set of 3 multiple strand necklaces.

Oh, BTW, today only Jori has a large part of her inventory marked down for Black Friday!!!!

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