Adam 'n Eve: Rosamund


Rosamund, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Adam ‘n Eve has been closed for a couple of days to give Sachi and Damen the chance to put the new build in place and set the new shop up. They are back now, and there is lots of new stuff as well. Diferent look, same trusted quality!

Among the new things is Rosamund, shown in red and black here. Rosamund comes with a big skirt and a sleek skirt option, a veil, stockings  and the possibility to wear the bodice as a teddy!

Other need to knows: Skin Jade by Tuli, hair Amelia in Jaded blond by, shape Grace by /GEEZ/ ( I promise, I’ll be back in my own shape soon, but I’m a bit in love with the Grace shape myself right now)

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