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PXL July, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Must have been 2 years ago since the first “prim” lashes entered the grid and how amazing it was that all of a sudden we could set the fugly system lashes to zero and wear something that definitely looked better.
Or could look better… because a lot of fashionistas still have massive trouble making the lashes look good. Part of that may be because they are just not that prim savvy, which after all is very well possible when you see the amount of bad fitting prims on outfits around (I recommend the Ivory Tower for basics on building for that), but it’s also cause by the fact that these prim lashes have a lot of alpha (transparency) in the texture, and always hover in front of your eyes, or, when you try to really attach them to your eyes, they will interfere with the mesh. Not to mention when you wear blonde hair which covers part of your face, that the lashes will flicker through because of the alpha interference issue.

So if you take a lot of pictures, you will keep adjusting and adjusting with the change of angle to make them look good (and oh will they look bad when you turn the other way around). But earlier this yeah Lelutka introduced their full prim Diva Lashes, 151 nano prims, a pain to adjust but once fitted, really awesome for pictures and the other week I discovered the “Real prim” eye lashes from Magika, with the same principle, full prim, but only on the upper eyelid, and “only”51 prims instead of the 151 from Lelutka. For me these are the perfect solution. I didn’t have to adjust them at all, I only moved the root prim a wee bit around (but I realise that, if your eyeshape is less mainstream, you will have to invest time to make these fit!). But once you’ve accomplished that then you won’t be annoyed anymore with the space between the lashes and your eyelids, or the lashes sticking through your hair.

I think these are a definite fashion must have. You’ll find them at Magika‘s skin section, upstairs

Skin & eyes from PXL Creations, hair from Truth.

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