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I think I may have mentioned our Great Dane Boris before. Boris joined our family as a puppy, for the mere reason that my dad didn’t want to be the only male in our home! I kid you not. In a household with 3 women (albeit 2 of them mini women at the time) a caring and nurturing man like my dad could use a friend. And that was Boris, or Bobo as my toddler sister used to call him. Despite his huge body  and impressive looks, Bobo was pretty much a lap dog. He loved resting his massive head in my lap when I was trying to read a book and had almost catlike behaviour when it came to demanding attention.  I suppose  our cat, Sophie, taught him well.
Every time I come across my Zooby Great Dane, it reminds me of Boris, the giant dog with the gentlest soul ever. Bobo is long gone, he’s been hunting the eternal fields for over 30 years now, but on day like this, when I am sick and feel pity for myself, I still miss him because he was an amazing cuddle.

I’m also wearing 22769‘s new set, a lovely Knit tunic and high waist skirt, which are currently available at The Gallery Giftshop, with Baiastice’s Lira shoes, which are so gorgeous they have been glued to my feet ever since I bought them and Izzie‘s dark beige tights. Even though it’s not a new one, or even a mesh one, I still love Elikatira‘s Shine hair and I do wear it often. It’s also a great sassy do to show off my new mesh ears from Mandala and their Ceekeeey earrings. I’m wearing Belleza‘s Ava again, and I need to try their Lolas tango appliers next!!


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