A New House for the Fall: Eams from NotSoBad


Reda Bertolucci  and Emilie Freund from NotSoBad have released this modern house to host all of Emilie Freund’s latest furniture. After a whole series of Arab/ Middle East inspired homes and furniture, the are back at contemporary and slightly minimalist design. I’ve been spending a couple of days playing with the texture change walls and pushing around the furniture for my preferred set up and eventually opted for a mix of NotSoBad furniture with accessoires from both Urbanized and The Loft.

I fear there will be pose stands all over this place in a couple of days, because it makes a great background for my posts here! So you will see more if it. Please do click the picture, it will take you to a set on flickr where you can see  the larger pics.

Visit NotSoBad to see this house set up in world

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