A Man Apart


A Man Apart II

A Man Apart

I have been away for quite some time, first it was Malaria, then there was an RL issue and then more of the same…such is life, we don’t always, rather never, get what we want, when we want. On the bright side, life is about learning, getting up when you are beat down, those are the times when you discover what you are made of. Getting back on your feet and moving forward is the essence of life, after all, only that is valuable for which you struggle.

Remember me in your best wishes.

Today I am wearing another of my much loved Aoharu Elegant suits, one can use them in so many different ways and combinations, I will surely wear them again in different ways and colors, along side the amazing suit are the equally classy Crocodile Skin shoes,(Note: No real crocodiles were harmed in the production of these shoes). The pig shirt matches perfectly, specially the unique color, hope you all like it.

PS: I would like to thank and laud Grazia for her efforts and support, specially keeping the blog going on no matter what happens, she is definitely much stronger than me and deserves much appreciation.

On Me:
Jacket – AOHARU_ElegantSuit_Black(Jacket)
Pants – AOHARU_ElegantSuit_Black(Slacks_Pants)
Shirt – Pig – Uncle Charlie’s Band J 1979 Casino
Shoes – ANEXX_HorseBitLoafer_Black/Crocodile_Gold
Gun – *Breach*– Eagles

4 thoughts on “A Man Apart”

  1. I hope that your days are getting easier and your health better.

    Blessings to you,
    Sophia Harlow

    p.s. welcome back, I was tired of just seeing Grazia… I missed your hotness. <3

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