A Fuckton of Hair!


Hello there, it’s me, your procrastinating blogger…. Hence by now I really have a fuckton of unblogged stuff, so I’m starting to slowly clear up my inventory with some themed posts… the first on being about… HAIR!

First and foremost I’d like to congratulate Kavar Cleanslate on the 3rd birthday of Exile. Also I’d like to congratulate all the hair whores around with the awesome birthday collection that Kavar released on the occasion! Also, the skin I’m wearing is September, and the latest addition to the skinrange at Exile (I’m wearing a kiss face tattoo, lashes and a liner which are not part of the skin)

(top by Atomic)

Next, there is a whole batch of new hairs over at Maitreya. Onyx and Beau have some of the prettiest textures around and this release of, mainly, updos  is just so feminine and elegant in a casual way. I can’t wait til the next time Maitreya will release a new collection of hair, because I’m a fan!

(Skin by Glam Affair, dress by Nyte ‘n Day)

And last, but not least, an awesome new release of my favorite ex Mr. Horwitz, Truth Hawks. He’s been releasing more hair than I can keep up with and he’s a total enabler of my inventory disorder, but what can I say… I box up old stuff some more and I’m loading well on log on again. I’d sure not want to miss his weekly fix of my hair addiction.

OK… enough hair for now… hmm… let’s see what’s next… might be a couple of days as I’m about to be abroad for a couple of days and I’ve NO idea whether I will have internet!

(skin by Laqroki, top by Zaara)

SLurls are listed here

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