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I got so lucky at Zenith‘s gatcha at The Seasons Story! In my first couple of tries I managed to snatch  the rare Beige Stripe Knit long coat , as well as their white flower chiffon dress which is my favorite pattern of the collection that Ms. Rosca has out at the event. So pretty and subtle!

I am wearing my finds with Just Design Navajo boots, because it’s only January and I can’t bear the idea of walking around on flats or sandals yet!

Magika‘s hair doesn’t get any more perfect than with this Lemon one. Lush waves and curls, just like I would love to have in RL, but unfortunately, my hair is pretty unmanageable  and when I have it long like that, it’d be so heavy that every curl would disappear, so I cut it short not too long ago and now I do have my curls, but also, with this wind recently, it blows everywhere and I look like Einstein on a bad hair day!

I have been pretty brutal on my inventory recently, and managed to get it down from almost 60k items back to a more reasonable 37k. Mind you, if I would unbox everything i could not delete from the past 8 years, I’m afraid I would end up  crashing the grid for good, so you should all be thanking me. Just kidding. In my inventory frenzy, I always manage to eff up something… In the past I have deleted a full season’s collection of Paper Couture, several folders of jewelry, including my Miriel stuff, which cannot be replaced, and this time I am afraid I have deleted my entire Belleza folder because I cannot find it anywhere anymore. Anyway… I went back and got the Grace skin again because it’s my fave of the most recent skins of Belleza, so now I feel pretty again!!

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