7 Square Meters of Cuteness


Flutter Memel of Flowey has caught the building virus and has made a couple of  ueber cute sky boxes. This is one of them”White.Lies” It’s 7×7, so really  fit to be on any plot.

For the decoration I turned to Art Dummy! from Gala Charron and LISP bazaar from Pandora Popstar.

From Art Dummy!: Chalk Dust bed, Sitting Dummy Candle, Standing Dummy Candle, Pandora’s Wooden Legs chair

From LISP Bazaar: Rattan trunk  (with 2 loose, texture change cushions), Message in a Bottle collection, Life is Beautiful molded shelf (with candles and pottery), Nautical Rug, Montmartre white Easel.

Other used items: LP2 flower color 3, Nocc Ivy

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