5th & Oxford : 50 L$ Friday


OK!!!…I admit it… this is been one of those weeks that I’ve been spending mostly in underwear or not wearing anything at all… with all the new skins and shapes from the expo, the new stockings at Blowpop, and now this delicious Little Miss lingerie set from 5th & Oxford….

It’s a preview of their next big release and Roslin has been a total tease about it, sharing pics with me while working at it… the end result is so lovely though and totally sexy with the soft shiny texture of the undies and the “mousse” look of the stockings.

It will be available from 0:00 til 23:59 on Friday, October 2, 2009 and yes, it’s only 50L$! For the slurls to all the other participants in 50L$ Friday, join the group in world.

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