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Top and pants by Zaara. Click image for full credits.

With all the amazing stuff at Vintage Fair, you’d almost forget there is a grid full of stuff that has nothing to do with Vintage or other fairs! Last weekend Miss Zaara Kohime released some awesome tops and summery pants and they are just too much fun to play with. The tops are on clothing layers, but the  tie ups  are mesh and you can just combine and combine as much as you want! Fatpack material, I tell you!!

The pants are mesh and like wide capris. Seriously high summer wear. Fabulous either with a ballerina flat or a plateau pump. I’m so happy to see Zaara venture more in mesh stuff. I am seriously contemplating deleting slowly the old non mesh stuff, because since mesh took off, I have been wearing mostly just that.

Oh well, maybe I should keep the tops and stuff that mix with mesh. I’m never going to get my inventory under control!!

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