52 WoC: 50 shades of cheating red (aka Madder Lake Deep)

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what a hell of a color this week! Madder Lake Deep. Never heard of! This is one of the few times I wish I were a guy. Blue is blue, green is green and red is red. Oh well, I’ve been happily cheating this week with backdrops, projectors, light and of course, Baiastice‘s  gorgeous Qiobe dress.

Recently I have been sitting on my hands not to write a big, massive rant about the tendency to over accesorize in SL. Whatever happened to less is more? Outrageous hair and over the top clothing are paired with full sets of jewelry that would make a statement as a single piece or eventually as a set on the most minimalist black or white outfit, but are simply too much when worn complete on a full blown costume outfit. So, sticking to my own belief that 99.9% of the times less is indeed more, I have chosen to wear the Onigiri necklace from Mandala.

Truth‘s hair release this week is brilliant  I have been waiting for him to do a mesh remake of some of his 2009 retro inspired hair such as Ashlynn and Sileny and with Sassy and Sassy2, which I am wearing here, my wish has come true!!! My choice of skin today is Glam Affair, which is no surprise, but I went with one of the skins Aida made for Miamai’s Unfold show and it’s not available commercially. Sorry 🙂 (ok, not really… I’m a bit mean today)


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