52 Weeks of Color: Folly

52 weeks of color Dressy fashion Fashion Challenge LOTD

Tthis week’s color is so bright and happy. It’s again not an easy color Some people will see it as pink, others as red. I think I have found the perfect in between with this Kimono dress from Nylon Outfitters which was an offering at a previous Collabor88 event. With the bright yellow accents, it was easy for me to accesorize with the Python pumps and the Resort Satchel from Leverocci (both mesh items).  Girls of Summer is one of the new mesh hairs from Exile, and I love it. I am wearing The Body Co‘s Ylang skin with a shape I am still working on to enhance the Asian character of the skin.

Finally, I decided to have Boris in the picture with me. He’s a huge Great Dane from Zooby‘s and looks just like the one we used to have when I was a kid. Maybe because when I pose next to him, I feel like I have the length of an 8 year old again. No, I couldn’t resize him and he looks fierce… but still, like our RL Boris, he is a puppy 😀

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