52 Weeks of color: Cotton Candy

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Ha, 2 very pink pics in a row, but what can I say… I love me some pink at times! Also, Cotton candy reminds me of the circus and festivals that I used to go to as a child. Happy times, until the cotton candy got stuck in my hair and the drama that followed to get it out (waiting til you get home and take a shower was NOT an option) overcast the fun of the day.

I picked Miamai‘s pink deer hat from The Arcade to wear, with Glam Affair‘s Amberly (new fave skin!!) as well as Erratic‘s tweed jacket from FaMESHed and their basic long shirt. The bleached rose eyes are Ikon‘s and if you can see it, because it’s so subtle, I am wearing a future release of Cae‘s (initials on a subtle chain), which will be absolutely adorable to gift to your loved ones around the holidays!!

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