52 Weeks of Color: Alice Blue

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When I saw this week’s color on Luna’s blog, I knew I was going to use some Kyoot stuff. Saeya is just awesome with the very pale pastels. So I am wearing her Soft Resolution top and socks in teal (!) and also Kyoot‘s Hollander leggings in white. With all the Kyoot stuff, I am also wearing Leezu‘s Nadja street ballerina skirt in white. To keep my feet warm with this extreme RL weather (yes, I do feel the need to wear snuggly stuffs in SL when it’s cold in RL) I picked Maitreya‘s Scrunched prim socks and their Shearling boots. The pearl necklace is from Yummy.

I am not a fan of Lana del Rey’s wannabe been-there-done-that music, or her cosmetic surgery look. Actually, the hype makes me resent anything “Lana related”, but I could not resist LaGyo‘s Lana rose crown in blue, which adds a bit of contrast to the pale blue look as well as Truth‘s Lana hair (wish he had picked another name and it would be an all time fave).

I saw Harlow Heslop plurking that she wanted a certain Asian look, and while I am not pretending to be pulling that specific one off with this skin and shape, it was fun to play the sliders to make an ethnic look for a change. Eventually I might release it, but for now, it’s work in progress. The skin is The Body Co‘s Ylang.

10 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color: Alice Blue”

  1. Awesome look! Love it 🙂
    Also happy to know I’m not alone in not liking Ms del Rey. Personally I can’t stand her singing (or whatever it is she does).

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