31.07.2003 22:00 gmt +1, by Miskat Qinan



Yesterday I received an invitation from Miskat to come take a preview at his exhibition, which will open later today and it’s such a fascinating place. Text and photography mix in an all surrounding experience… Besides it being a very personal story which combines the human and the avatar,  it shows a wide range of the best fashion, skins and male avatar appearance in general. Style Notes are available. The show also displays the power of emoting.  It is one of the better examples how to get true emotion and expression in virtual imagery. Miskat Qinan’s first exhibition in Second Life is hosted by Cybernetic Art Research Project CARP/Diabolus at the Camera Obscura Gallery. As usual with CARP/Diabolus Miskat’s work will be exhibited in a spectacular way.

I found it to be very intrigueing and I can recommed you to go take a look.  You’re all more than welcome at the official opening at 2pm SLT.


Exhibition runs from 18.04.2009 till 02.05.2009

Launch: 18.04.2009 2pm SLT

Music: DJ Dex Chaffe

Dresscode: Black&White Black Tie

Location: Camera Obscura Gallery (CARP/Diabolus), SLurl: Jourdain (139,36,201)

Please note,although not a explicitly sexual or violent topic, the exhibition has a Mature rating.

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  1. due to a conflict this exhibition has been cancelled one hour after it’s launch.

    thnx so much for blogging this, Grazia

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