3 Little Things


3 little things, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Following Samara’s lead in this challenge, I’ve spent my night thinking what 3 things I’d really miss if they would not be in my inventory any longer.

It’s difficult. In 3 years in Second Life, one collects a lot of stuff with memories attached, so other than the few dollars that they may have cost, the sentimental value is way more important. Of course one collects an ever bigger amount of crap and still grows attached to that, so that makes it even harder.

The first snapshot I ever saved to my inventory, the limited Dazzle and Last Call gowns, quirky notes from old friends, now long gone from SL… to be honest, I’d miss that all. But… Sam is a tough cookie to deal with, and three is three for ms Barzane… so, what I would really miss are my Magika lashes (no alpha, but all prims, so no interference with my tons of hair!!), the grey gold large eyes from PXL Creations (worthy replacement of my beloved Miriel eyes which are no longer available) and the alaMood one of a kind jewelry set which my bestie Jori made on request of my SL one and only Truth for my birthday last week.

Special mention for my mystitool…. since Mystical Cookie seems to have disappeared off the surface of the earth in both worlds, there have not been any updates, but still it’s the best gadget a girl can have!

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