2 more shapes @ /GEEZ/


mmm… this week has been amazing for poor little skinwhoreish me 🙂  with releases like Isis and Lola, Taylor and just yesterday Julie, I am just a happy girl. A couple of days ago I have released at /GEEZ/ 3 new shapes for the ladies, and today I have added 2 more shapes.  It’s good to be back at making shapes again.

Sayuri has been a work in progress for a bit. Made for Tuli’s latest release I wanted her to be cute and ultrafeminine. The result is a petite Asian shape, with almond eyes and a heartshaped, kissable mouth

The second shape I have made for Julie, the newest red head from Laqroki. I wanted a more voluptuous and creamy looking shape for this lady, a bit à la Christina Hendricks (without actually looking like her, but you know… some meat on the bones!)

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