Over the dateline

C88 Dressy Fashion Challenge hair iheartslFeed LOTD

I needed a title for this post, and Kavar from Exile usually picks cute names from song lyrics, so, Over the dateline it is! This hair is available at this month’s Collabor88 as is my Glam Affair Katra skin in the party edition. Quite the glamorous make ups, I must say. Love them all!

Not only does Exile have 2 hairs out for C88, he released another 3 hairs last week! Pics below!

My Dame dress is from the latest release of ColdLogic. I seriously adore that brand because of wearability. You never have to think if you look cute is you pick some of their stuff to wear. It’s maybe not the most exciting brand, but gosh, do I wear them a lot! The only reason I tend to slack on blogging them is that I suffer from option stress. Their releases are always so huge, that I never know what to pick and shoot for the blog and then I end up being distracted with other stuff and before youknow it, they have a new release out! Stop being so diligent, guys! (just kidding!)

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