52 Weeks of Color: Feldgrau

52 weeks of color Dressy Fashion Challenge LOTD

Clothing by Ri.cielli, hair by Elikatira. Click image for full credits

Feldgrau (field grey) is definitely a color that I like. It also reminds me of how much I love the German language and its rich nuances. Feldgrau also reminds me of the little mice who are a true plague at our farm in the former DDR, but who  are so bold to enter the room where I am reading and stare right back at me, as if they are wondering what that creature is doing in their house.

Why I like Feldgau as a color for my wardrobe? It’s a color that can be easily combined with any color. It’s softer than black and equally flattering for your figure. I chose to go pretty monochrome for today’s look which makes it of an understated elegance.

Looking forward to next week’s color… I’m pretty proud that I am still in the challenge!!

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