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She’s So Unusual Shoes feels it is time to celebrate and hosts a photography competition with the sizzling theme ‘Unusual Summer’.

Rowan has put on her party hat and offers very exciting outrageous prices! She asked me to be one of the judges, so hey… gimme a hard time picking the winner, will ya!


– Your picture must focus on She’s So Unusual Shoes and/or other products from She’s So Unusual;
– Your picture must fit within the theme ‘Unusual Summer’
– Your picture may feature none, 1, 2 or a 100 persons;
– Creativity and originality are highly appreciated;
– Post-processing (in Photoshop or any software of your choice) is allowed;
– Maximum 3 entries per person;
– Pictures must be posted in the She’s So Unusual Shoes group on Flickr;
– Pictures must be tagged “She’s So Unusual Shoes Photography Competition Summer 2009”. (Please make sure you tag it with the quotation marks so the tag stays one tag);
-Pictures must fall within the ‘safe’ restrictions of Flickr;
-You agree your picture will be possibly used for several marketing outlets, credits will be given.
-Though the selection for men is smaller, we do encourage you blokes to participate as well!

The contest runs till August 9, 12am PDT. Any submissions after that are not accepted in the contest.

On August 16 we will announce the winners in the flickr group, on the SSUS blog and the inworld groups.


The Grand Winner:
– A gift certificate of 1000 L$ to be spend at She’s So Unusual Shoes
– 1 pair of shoes for each contestant in this competition*

Second Place
– A gift certificate of 750 L$ to be spend at She’s So Unusual Shoes
– a $500L Gift Cert to Tea Lane

Third Place
– A gift certificate of 500 L$ to be spend at She’s So Unusual Shoes
– A $300L Gift Cert to Tea Lane

*A minimum of 20, a maximum of 150 pairs of shoes. Count is by individual contestants, not submissions.


The competition will be judged by:

Rowan Carroll – Owner and Designer of SSUS
Grazia Horwitz – Blogger, Stylist (Yay… that’s me 🙂 )
Miskat Qinan – Photographer, Artist and builder of the store

Hey! You noticed the winner gets as many shoes as there are contestants?
Better get your friends involved!

If you don’t have shoes just yet from SSUS (shame on you!), visit the store and get a fab pair for as little as 95L

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