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ColdLogic is one of the power houses in SL. They always have large releases of several models and tons of textures and their stuff is always, always perfectly executed. You really can’t go wrong with ColdLogic. Now some people may say that this also makes it a bit boring, but hey… not everyone in SL is a top stylist and people love to be able to just wear something well make, affordable and cute!

When I saw their latest release of summer dresses, this one, Wilde, stood out for me. It has an Ibiza feel to me, a bit boho, but still very in vogue, especially when matched with some country elements such as Tres Blah‘s Riding boots from this month’s Collabor88 and Argrace‘s cowboy hat/Minami hair, which I picked up at Hair Fair.

Also from Collabor88, is the Safari wood beads necklace from Yummy. Yummy has been one of my fave jewelry brands ever since i first rezzed in 2006 and they’r still going strong.

I am again wearing Claudia, the latest skin by Belleza because I LOVE the face! If you want to see all the make ups, look here and here

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