UNICEF Pakistan Flood Crisis Fund


It’s ridiculous when you think of it… 17 million people in Pakistan are trying to stay safe from the flooding which is still going on in their country. 17 million… that is more than the entire population of my own country, The Netherlands (16,5 mio).

Think of the immense consequences that has for a country. Lack of infrastructure makes it hard to get the necessary help on site. People are hungry, need drinking water, are being threathened by diseases… and medical aid… well… like I said, it’s hard to get there when there are no roads left.

Children in these kind of emergency situations usually are even worse off than adults. They can’t take care of themselves and therefor it’s good that UNO organisation Unicef is stepping up for children in need all over the world. Please read here what Unicef needs in this particular emergency. Unicef is a personal  charity of mine, so when Truth announced he wanted to set up a fundraiser, I immediately let him know I wanted to be in and offered my help.

If you want to help too, either as a creator to dontate time and items, or as a blogger to get the word out and make your readers lust after the things you have bought to donate, or as a consumer, by buying the items of the creators involved during the time of the event… then please read on for the details:

Dear lovely SL merchant! <3

I know this is very short notice but this may be something we can do on a regular and ongoing basis. UNICEF are currently raising funds for the Pakistan Flood Crisis. Millions of people have been affected and thousands are without homes. If you’d like to be part of this fund raising effort you could donate all or part of the proceeds of an item/s (I’d like to request at least 50% of your item/s – can be exclusive, existing, discounted whatever you like!)

The point is to raise as much money as we can in the 2 week period. I will be donating 100% of the proceeds of one hairstyle and doubling the amount raised off my item to go towards this cause.

I’ll advertise the fund through my update group and list all the merchants involved. I have ordered a sim “Project Donate” from which you will vend your items (in addition to your own locations). You are free to landmark to your own stores from this location which will be entirely removed from my own sim.

I’ve created an account “Unicef Rainfall” which will collect the proceeds. Once you confirm you’d like to participate I’ll send out all necessary split scripts etc.

You will also need a group space available to place your item/s.

Thank you for considering and hope to have you on board! If you’d like to move forward just send Unicef Rainfall a notecard with your name, store, landmark…sorry this is all a bit informal at the moment 😛 <3 Truth Hawks

UNICEF Project Application (Designers)

Your name:
Your brands name:
Your mainstore lm:
Any other designers within the brand:
How many items would you like to donate:
At what percentage (going to the charity:
Any other notes:

Please be warned you will need a group space!

Keep posted for more details and previews as the week proceeds!

Have a happy, and safe, Monday ♥

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