Tiny Bird at Hair Fair 2009

charity hair

Autumn has made some lovely styles to share with you on the occasion of hair Fair 2009. Let me present to you, from left to right: Gattina.. the inimitable can curler trailer trash chic which is secretly being admired for quirky cuteness even by Rodeo Drive shopaholics (shown in café au lait, my favourite Tiny Bird colour). Then we have Janie, which is more girl next door-sweet and cute-  and soccer mom, and if there were not a couple of strands being a little frivolous, I’d say even a wee bit Stepfordish (shown in Buttermilk). Third in the row is Hayden, which made me want to put on some elven ears and take off for Avillion. It’s a lovely, fairy tale like do, with the braid over the front and the cutest hairline on the fore head (shown in ginger, a red I really like) . And then there is Swirly… aaaah.. what can I say… Janie’s mundane sister, who will not hesitate to wreck your home if she fancies your man. Voluminous, sophisticated, Swirly is impeccable.. and lethal (shown in Dragees).

Hair Fair 2009 opens to the public tomorrow. Find Tiny Bird at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/HF%202009/214/97/22

Other NEED to knows: skin Forest from Dutch Touch, shirt also from Dutch Touch and the eyes are from Shine.

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