The hairousel continues.

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I said I would be back, and I tend to always try my very best to keep any promises I make. Well, there have been times when I have promised to go to bed on time and have not, but goodness, that’s a toughie to keep! Sometimes I get super distracted and before I know it, sheesh, it’s way past my bed time and I am in the middle of watching a movie or something. Well, that’s what happened last night. I was trying my very best to fall asleep when I remembered that I hadn’t finished watching Snow White, and so I tip toed into the family room, snatched the movie out of the DVD player, and ran to my room so that I could watch it on mommy’s laptop while I fell asleep. Except that I didn’t fall asleep. I watched it entirely and by then it was past my bed time. Hmm. I am rambling, huh? I’ll stop and mention that if you have no idea why I am here, and are wondering what looney managed to log into my mommy’s blog, well.. my name is Darla. Darla Elena Caroline Mill, actually, and my story begun here. And so it continues..

Little Scholar: Hair by LeLutka, Versage in Walnut Whip by Thora Charron. Available at Hair Fair 2012! (Click image for more credits and details.)

My hands were still cupped, holding what was now an invisible cup of gelato. My fingers still cold as I stood in front of that carousel once again. I could have been disappointed, after all, that gelato was so very short lived, but how could I really? I was on an amazingly exciting adventure and for all I knew the next carousel horse could lead me to something even more spectacular. 

At this point there were only two horses left, and so without hesitation at all, I quickly ran to and mounted the horse closest to where I was standing. It was not very long before I felt a gush of wind hit my face, and my first reaction was to squint my eyes, tugging at the heavy, wool coat that I was now wearing, trying my very best to loop it closed, or rather, loop the wooden toggles closed.

My surroundings seemed quite dark, in an unknown, scary kind of way, and the cold weather did not help one bit. Nervously, I ran through a long, outdoor corridor and towards a large and wooden door. Where was I, exactly? Shaking my head as I contemplated if I should or should not force the door before me to open, I dug my hands into the pockets of my coat as I looked down and to my black, leathery shoes. It was then that a curious look more than likely flooded my face, as I felt for something that was in my right pocket. Was that really what I thought it to be? A wand? Huh!

Pulling the wooden stick from my pocket, I eyed it with upmost excitement. It was a wand! It would make sense somewhat, I mean, if I was where I thought I was. My dad is Scottish after all, so there is bound to be some magic in my genes, right? Now this, this was sure to beat the trip to the gelato shop for sure! Gripping the wand tightly, swishing it in a circular motion and ending with a flick, I rather proudly proclaimed, “Alohomora!” Heck yeah, I know my spells! The door before me flung open, and in I walked, holding my wand in an upwards direction as I whispered, “Lumos,” creating a ball of light at the tip of my wand. But oh, only seconds later did another gush of wind hit me, causing the light at the tip of my wand to go out.

Itty Bitty Golfer: Hair by LaViere, Freya Ponytail in Dark Chocolate by Azure Electricteeth. Available at Hair Fair 2012! (Click image for more credits and details.)

The strong wind had caused me to close my eyes, but as soon as I opened them I realized that I was already seated upon the very last carousel horse. My wand was gone. My heavy coat! And oh, my pretty and softly curled, messy banged hair too! I was in my pajamas again, and my hair still felt a bit damp from my bath, but it wasn’t long before that very last horse took flight, galloping off of that carousel and racing it’s way to what seemed to be my very last adventure.

Within seconds I found myself on a large green field, my hair picked up in the cutest pony tail I could imagine and adorned with a pink and mustard golfer hat. Golf, hmm? I had never golfed before. I haven’t even played mini-golf before! But there I was, on a golf field, and no more than a few steps away from me was a golf cart with what seemed like a a bag of clubs. That is what they are called, right? Clubs? I’d never swung one before, let along held one. But hey, I suppose it was time to learn and so I walked towards the golf cart and picked a club out of the bag. At first I held it as if it were a bat. I’ve played wiffle ball before, and softball, so of course my first instinct was to hold the club up high, my right elbow aimed up and back. But I knew too well that I was wrong. It’d be impossible to hit a golf ball that way.

Walking my way towards a hole in the large grass field, I huffed a bit, kicking my bright magenta shoes into the grass, that which caused my nose to feel a bit fizzy. I was about to sneeze, yikes! It was then that I squinted before letting out a rather squeaky AHH-CHO! Hmm. I suppose that sneeze was loud enough to snap me out of my deep, deep sleep. I wasn’t at the grass field any more. Gosh, I wasn’t even at the carousel! I was back home, safe and sound, sitting up in mommy and daddy’s bed as I rubbed my eyes and sneezed once more. What a crazy dream that had been, huh?

I didn’t just snatch mommy’s computer and find my way into her blog again to share the ending of my dream with you all. There is something even more important that I am wanting to share, and that is that today is the last day of Hair Fair. The fair will be closing at twelve midnight! So, I hope that if any of you are wanting to go buy some new hair that you rush your way to the fair, now! You don’t want to have a Cinderella moment and miss out on buying a hair at the fair because you’re a few minutes late, past midnight. Hairs bought at the Hair Fair, for the most part, have percentages of the sales that go to charity, that which is Wigs for Kids. Wigs for Kids is a not-for-profit organization that provides help and hair replacement for children who have lost their hair due to countless medical reasons, including chemotherapy and trichotillomania. Also, today is bandana day, so please be sure to stop by a buy yourself a bandana, most especially because 100% of the sales go Wigs for Kids. I am on my way there now! I have a bandana already, but hey, you can never have too many.

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