Pose Fair 2010 is OPEN!!

charity poses

Fair warning (no pun intended): pose vendors hold scripts, we wish we could make them work without, but that’s just impossible. So, more important than ever: PLEASE DO NOT WEAR ANY SCRIPTED STUFF (AO, HAIR, CLOTHING, COMBAT SYSTEMS, GENITALS) AND KEEP THINGS PLEASANT.

Also, special mannequin skins are available for free at the fair. Use them!!

With tons of amazing stuff, to die for props, every merchant has set at least 1 item to donate to Movement, the UK based charity organization,working in low-income countries to enhance the quality of life of people with mobility disabilities.

I have set all my pose packs to donate 50% to Movement and so have many others, so stop by and help your local posers to raise a lot of money for this charity which by nature is dear to us.

Visit /GEEZ/ at the Pose Fair

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