Philotic Energy @ Hair Fair 2009

charity hair

Aems asked me which colour of her hair I prefer… and it’s the blondes. Apparently that surprised her, but I do! So I’m showing you some of her Hair Fair releases in various shades of fair. Keeva is a cute 2 bun up do held back with a texture shade scrafs. I’m showing the blonde. Lilia, with hat and straight, fashionable cut bangs I’m wearing in Strawberry blonde and the boho-ish Pepper to the right is shown in Honey. All Philotic Energy hair comes with black and white tips… but personally, I’m not too fond of that, so I’m sticking to the plain textures.

So I’ve decided to make Dutch Touch’s Forest my official Hair Fair skin… and I’m also wearing the brown knit detail cardigan from Nylon Outfitters

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