A weekend full of music by some of the most fabulous SL Live artists proudly brought to you by Inspire Space Park,  supporting Project Donate Almost 10k USD has been raised over the past 2 weeks on Project Donate, lets make sure we go way over this fantastic amount and show that you care!
Top music artists, amazing particle performers and DJ’s will be joining us at the spectacular Inspire Space Park where you can dance amongst the stars – an exciting number of events which will benefit Project Donate’s fundraising for UNICEF . This event will help avatars come together to do something…to raise hope.   We need you all to come and help us fight to saves lives.
***  SATURDAY 18th of SEPTEMBER  ***
12pm – 2pm SLT –  Susan Cloquet DJ – Come dressed to “Party in Outer Space”  An experienced RL DJ, Susan has regular Resident DJ spots at Inspire – The Edge, Radiant Bliss & Forbidden room. Come join her in costume as she plays  a mix of minimal deep house for this great cause.
2pm SLT Mankind Tracer – award winning RL & SL live performer. MK has been labeled “Second Life’s Premiere Rock Performer” for good  reason. For over three and a half years he has performed his incredible original music & rock hits to packed sims & been voted top live artist numerous times. Come early to see this amazing artist!
3pm SLT  CraigLyons Writer – one of the hottest live musicians in SL & RL . Craig brings intimate acoustic sublimity to his live electric rock show. His band performs regularly at LA’s most distinguished venues including The Viper Room, Key Club, & the House of Blues. If you have NOT heard him  before, you are in for a huge treat!
3.30pm SLT  Ayron Dagger. Aryon brings great fun to all of his gigs. A dedicated advocate of Relay For Life  in SL, Aryon brings a passionate approach & vision to helping others in need whilst entertaining us with great music to get everyone dancing!
4pm SLT Edward Kyomoon – another hugely popular live musician. Playing both acoustic and electric guitar, Ed produces many of his own backing tracks covering the music of Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Blue October,  Snow Patrol as well as original SL inspired music.  Join us to rock with Ed!
***  SUNDAY 19th of SEPTEMBER  ***
4pm – 6pm SLT     Nuvolino Roffo – DJ. Nuvo is an Australian electronic musician who performs live his fully original
Trance / electronica / ambient compositions. A real treat to experience.
6 – 7.30pm SLT   Grafx Newbold and InterfaceD Dreamscape – DJ & Particle Show. Grafx, Inspire’s Master of sounds, possesses an amazing ability to make us all feel through the songs he carefully selects for each and every particle                                              show he DJ’s for.    This one will be no exception, combined with the Particle Wizard, InterfaceD Dreamscape, they have a specially built and   choreographed show for our viewing and listening experience.
8pm SLT  JoeSatriani Feden – Instrumental Guitarist. Joe is well known for his mix of Blues, Rock ballads and 80’s style rock   guitar licks which he performs with great style and emotion.
Contact:       Ember Farina or Sharni Azalee – Inspire Space Park liaisons
Projct Donate website: 
UNICEF official website:

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