Lamb! @ Hair Fair 2009

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Lamb! @ Hair Fair 2009, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

I’m just going on… I kinda went bankrupt at Hair Fair earlier, so the least I can do to justify that is blog my purchases :-D. Lamb Bellic has quickly conquered a place among the best loved hair makers in SL. With the chunky prims and smooth textures she creates styles that appeal to many a fashionable resident. I’m a fan of ballerina style buns, but when you find them in SL, it’s often hard to fit them right on the fore head. Unbirthday worked perfectly for me. I’ve seen the teasers for Dog Roses on Lamb’s flickr, and it was on top of my must have list. This blonde version with the blue (colour change) cap, together with Torrid’s repetitive plurks about ABBA reminds me so much of Agnetha. Babys on fire… I just had to buy the carrot cakes pack from because Lamb makes some AWESOME reds. I’m wearing this classy ponytail in the delicious Rotten Carrot colour.

Hair fair is open now… so brave the lag and leave some L$ for Locks of Love.

I’m also wearing Très Blah’s white plain & tidy cami and I’m still in Forest, Dutch Touch newest skin.

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