Jewelry Fair Starts September 18!



Jewelry Fair starts tomorrow!!

The fair will be open from Friday September 18th to Sunday September 27th.  Please TP in using a random choice from the 8 landmarks below, so  traffic can be divided over the 2 sims and help reduce lag.

The fair is designed as a continuous hedge maze – there are no dead ends, and if you keep walking in one direction you’ll get through the whole thing.   The chosen charity is Oxfam – you can read more about them at – and visitors will be given lots of opportunities to help out. Oxfam happens to be one of my favourite charities, for the ability to gift your friends cute pressies like a goat… or a water pump… which then will be delivered to people who really need it more than your friend. They do great work also in case of disasters, so donate generously if you’re so inclined (and remember, even 1L$ helps!!)

So…. what can you expect?

*over 130 Jeweler’s creations

*Dunk Tank – dunk a Jeweler (or a Linden!) for charity

*Kissing booth – kiss a Jeweler for charity

*one of a kind auctions – bid on original jewelry pieces never to be owned by anyone else on the grid

*jeweler resources area – how to make your own jewelry!

*demonstrations and classes on jewelry making (schedule handed out at the fair)

Many of the vendors are selling special pieces which 50% of the money goes directly to charity. Read more about the fair at the jewelry fair blog!

See you at the fair… leave your jewelry and other excessive prim items and lagalicious inventory items (ao’s, mysti tools or other gadgets) at home.. you can buy pretties at the fair, ya know. And get rid of the anti-inspect shields… really… jewelry fair is not about you or your fabulous outfit… people come for the jewelry!

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