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Many of you will be familiar with the work and the sim of Sue Stonebender and if you’re not, it’s high time do get to know this remarkable lady. Known for her pianos, the music sheets,  her exquisite jewelry, the furniture, the beautiful builds that she has shared with the community, the synergy she has with her long time SL partner and builder extraordinaire Baron Grayson, but most of all,  her altruism. Sue is one of the most giving people in SL that I know, and her initiative “The Giving Tree” has provided many people in 3rd world countries, trough Kiva, with micro loans for their businesses and intitiatives to make a better future for themselves and their families and their communities as a whole.

Last week Sue sent out a message to her group which can be resumed as follows: Health issues and economical circumstances are  being increasingly difficult, and make being in SL and being active in SL  harder and harder for Sue. That’s why she’s selling her sims and will consolidate her business with Baron’s on his sim The Nameless Isle. Both Sue and Baron will be focussing on RL artistic projects and will be further reducing their time in world.

While I’m happy for Sue that she has new things to focus on in RL, and she herself describes these developments as ending things and growing in different directions to start other projects and heading to a healthier place, I a sorry to see a long time content creator and pretty amazing person move away from SL.  The giving Tree will move to The Nameles Isle as well, and Sue vowed to keep that going as long as she possibly can.

Last night she sent out another note to the group about the 30 hr famine. Read Sue’s message, please,  and if you can, go to Intemptesta Nox and donate to the apple tree  in front of the shop and make this happen.

“More than 26,000 children under the age of 5 die every day, most of them from preventable causes, including hunger.

The 30 hour famine is a quest to raise both awareness of the great and ongoing need to work toward ending poverty, as well as an opportunity to gather additional resources around families in need. Because of my illness I am not able to do the fast for 30 hours.  My 14 year old daughter has offered to do it in my place, and I love her to pieces for it.

Tonight I am reaching out one last time through the Giving Tree space before it disappears from the Intemptesta Nox SIM, which is about to transfer to it’s new owner in the coming week.  If you would like to join me in putting a little something in the cup for the 30 hour famine, I’ve turned the apple tree directly in front of my shop into a special new Giving Tree, allowing you to put in any amount you wish.  Just touch the trunk and you’ll get a menu allowing you to make a donation.

No amount is ever too small.  It all makes a difference!  The money will be sent on to World Vision as my daughter starts her fasting in the morning and goes through until Saturday afternoon. 

Thank you again for the great generosity that so many of you have continued to show through the Giving Tree program.  It has been the greatest blessing I’ve enjoyed in my time in Second Life.


Sue Stonebender”

The goals is 100k, which equals more or less 380USD, and that, amazingly so, is sufficient to feed a whole family for a year!!! But more is better, and I’ve seen how much we can accomplish in little time when we all care enough.

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  1. i met sue outside of SL in a community that focused on making the world a better place… sue and i became close friends after a bit and she was just an amazing woman… when she invited me into SL, i had so little time and didn’t get it. knowing how knowledgeable sue was with technology, i never thought i’d be able to survive in a place like she described.

    her persistence got me to try SL, and i am so thankful to her for all she does. she IS an amazing woman, encourager and we participated in a 30 hour famine a few years ago in a different way.

    thanks for posting this and I LOVE YOU SUE!

    xoxo, caLLie

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