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I could write an essay on my opinion on in world fund raising and charitable causes, but I decided not to. However you decide to contribute to a better world, or making the life of people who suffer even the slightest bit easier is none of my business. The important thing is that you do. Whether you raise your child and use all your means for that or donate big time to a cause you feel strongly for, as far as I am concerned, it’s all really awesome.

I still LOVE seeing how a community comes together when disaster strikes and all the big and small fundraisers that are currently being held for Japan is heart warming.

A huge one is the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser. Shopping Cart Disco has been kind enough to list  the vendors at that venue who all donate at least 50% (if not 100%) of all proceeds to the International Red Cross. I picked up a ton of awesome things there, like Glam Affair’s Sakura skins which I’m wearing here.

Just opened is the Help Japan fundraiser, with some great great great content like these cherry blossom petals with poses from Jojoruno Runo. This is more of an Asian affair with all proceeds going to the Japanese Red Cross, though there are for examples also exclusives from Tiny Bird and RC Cluster (closed some time ago… so this exclusive is a must have!)

If you prefer to give directly, and not via in world events, then you might consider donating to the Crowd Rise that Truth Hawks set up and of which donations will go directly to the American Red Cross. Fast, efficient, safe and tax deductable if you want to, because they will send you a receipt. Yes, the hair I’m wearing in the pic above is RiRi, this weeks newest release from Mr. Hawks.

Credits: Read the blog, info is included in the text 😛

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