HAIR FAIR! 2 more nights!!

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on the 11th, hair fair 2015 will open its doors! Are you as excited as I am?

Hair Fair 2015 Join Us Poster Lets keep it short, sweet and simple, with the 5 W’s and 1 H for basic information gathering?


Why: Because we all love hair, and because at hair fair, a portion of every sold hair will go towards Wigs for Kids, a registered charity that provides hair pieces for children which are (temporarily) suffering baldness due to illness.

When: from July 11 through July 26!

Who: the entire community, really! Hair Fair has been one of the most awesome events ever since I joined in 2006 and the list of creators who participate to Hair Fair is impressive. You might want to check the flickr group for teasers and join the in world group for the demos!

Where: at the hair fair sims! SLurls to be put here after Hair Fair opens.

How: Seriously, do I need to explain how  you try as low prim/mesh/script as you can to TP to one of the hair fair sims and take all your  L$ and go on a spree until you’re broke, then log on your escort alt to make some more and repeat?
I’m kidding of course, I would NEVER advise you to exploit yourself. EVER! But you may want to save a couple of L$ to pick up some of the bandana’s from the special bandana booths for the last day of HairFair. Traditionally the last day of Hair Fair is Bandana day and many of the participating crators as well as a lot of other community members make the bandana’s for this occasion. They are sold for L$ 50, all proceeds on these sales go to Wigs for Kids, and they are transferable so you can send some to your friends as well. After Hair Fair these will never be sold again!

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