Dreams Community Fair 2008


With all the attention RFL is getting (and I’m very glad it does!), you’d almost forget that within our community there are more initiatives to support and aid residents who have serious health issues in RL. Yesterday friend and photographer Rob Danton pointed out the Dreams Community Fair, which runs til April 25. It’s a fun site, with rides, info booths, some pretty nifty builds and some really fun freebies.

This is from their own introductory note card:

“For the third year in a row, we are inviting you to be a part of our effort to introduce the people of SL to some of the lesser known areas of Second Life, particularly in the areas of health support, education and the Arts.

The Dream Travelers of Dreams are the activity base and support group for a community of stroke survivors in SL as well as people who are interested in Asperger Syndrome and Autism.

WHAT IS INVOLVED?* We will have booths and tents available to groups to show off their organizations through their products, information sheets, landmark givers, etc.. * Each group is encouraged to schedule at least one activity during the fair to be held on the Dreams Fair grounds. These activities can take the form of:
– Classes
– Discussions
– Meetings or Group Activities
– Group Recreational Activities such as dances and competitions.
– Story-telling, poetry readings, art demonstrations, ballet, live performances, concerts, etc.

We have three art barns to hold various forms of art. This is a Fair to show the diverse range of groups available in SL not products. However, we do encourage the groups to give our free items to the general public.
If you feel that a group you belong to should be involved in the fair then please let us know!! everyone is welcome in the community project!

We would love if you would display the sign included in this info folder on your property this would help us immensely in getting the word out about the fair!
Thank you very much.We will look forward to seeing you at the Fair!

The Sojourner, minxeh Volos, SamBivalent Sporkand the rest of the Dream

Go take a look, you might be surprised!

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