Culture Shock Preview: Ladies Who Lunch & oOo Studio

Casual charity Events fashion LOTD

This deconstructed sweater is a new release from Ladies Who Lunch at Culture Shock. I still have to ask Faint how come that she’s donating 10% of EVERY sale  to  Doctors without Borders instead of the  traditional 50 or 100 % on a few 2 items, but I must say, I applaud the idea because in the end, I am pretty sure that  might add up to a pretty awesome number! Also, this is not only on the stuff on Culture Shock but also on the same products she has in her main shop. Also from LWL are these Troopa boots, so again, 10% to DWB!!

oOo studio has this great set of frame work poses which I used for this post and look forward to use more often. Oleanka is one of my favorite posers and I should mention that more often.

Not from any of the CS booths, but sill lovely: Hair by Boon, Skin Giselle by Glam Affair, fish nets by Blowpop.

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